Scott Mainwaring has over 24 years experience conducting ethnographic research to apply to the design and analysis of techno-social systems.  He received his BA in computer science from Harvard University and his PhD in cognitive psychology from Stanford University, and has worked for Interval Research Corporation and for Intel Labs, where he co-founded the Intel Science and Technology Center for Social Computing with Paul Dourish and Bill Maurer.

Scott is broadly interested in the interplay of personal meaning, experience, and participation, on one hand, and technological, financial, and institutional infrastructures, on the other.   He has collaborated with faculty and students, particularly at UC Irvine, where he chaired the external advisory board of the university’s Institute for Money, Technology, and Financial Inclusion (IMTFI).

Research Interests and Selected Work

Privacy, autonomy, and resistance to ubiquity

Payments innovations and subjectivities of money

Consumerization and development

The Chinese internet

Mobility, urbanity, and architecture

Technologies for families

Reflection on research practices

Spatial cognition


social computing research